What is a partial knee replacement?

A diagram of a partial knee replacement

When people hear “knee replacement,” they assume you’ve had to have your entire knee joint removed and replaced. But many patients today are opting for a less invasive and simpler procedure: the partial knee replacement. The surgeons at Midwest Center for Joint Replacement are national leaders in providing partial knee replacement, or “unicompartmental knee replacement” … Read more

What is Post-Traumatic Arthritis?

What causes post-traumatic arthritis? Post-traumatic arthritis can develop months to years after any physical injury to your joints. Most commonly, physicians see arthritic development in patients who have suffered from vehicle accidents, past sports injuries, military injuries, and falls. These types of injuries can damage a joint’s cartilage, bone, or mechanical structure, causing one or all of … Read more

General Orthopedic Clinic Now Open

Physician Assistant Kurt Kramer is now seeing patients for general orthopedic issues and injuries. All appointments will include an x-ray, evaluation, and plan of care for therapy, future testing, or follow-ups with a surgeon. Kurt has been a Physician Assistant for 17 years, 13 of which have been with Dr. Berend and his orthopedic team. … Read more

Painful joint replacement? Joint revision may be the best next step.

Have you had a joint replacement and it’s been nothing but painful? Is your joint replacement years old and you’re worried it’s worn out? A good portion of our surgeons’ caseloads are dedicated to joint revision surgeries, in which they remove the ineffective implants and replace them with new, often customized implants. Just like hips … Read more

5 Tips to Relieve Joint Pain

Though the physicians at MCJR specialize primarily in joint replacement surgery, we always recommend you try these non-surgical remedies first to relieve your joint pain before considering a joint replacement. Many joint pain issues can be remedied or completely fixed by taking care of your joints with these tips: 1. Rest The first thing you should … Read more

Early Symptoms of Knee Arthritis

If you’ve been having pain in your knees but aren’t sure if it’s connected to arthritis, check for these warning signs: If you are beginning to experience these symptoms, but aren’t ready for surgical intervention, you can try to combat these symptoms with anti-inflammatories, heat on stiff joints, ice packs on swollen joints, and physical … Read more

Treating Meniscus Tears

What is a meniscus tear? Your knee joint is made up of three bones: the femur, shinbone, and patella (kneecap). The cartilage that protects your joints and prevents the femur and shinbone from rubbing against one another is called the meniscus. The meniscus can tear with overuse or sudden movement in sports, or with normal … Read more

Can Cold Weather Affect your Arthritis?

What kind of weather is the worst for arthritis? According to a 2014 study of people with arthritis, 67% of participants reported weather sensitivity, especially to cold and wet days. So what’s so special about the cold and rainy days that make your joints ache? Researchers believe that the main reason arthritis flairs up in cold … Read more

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