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Our goal is to optimize and take the pain out of every step of your recovery. Midwest Medical Services, led by Dr. Dan DeSalle, works directly with MCJR to deliver personalized preoperative care for all joint replacement candidates. His team will coordinate care with the MCJR surgeons to ensure each patient is healthy enough for surgery.

After you schedule surgery, you will then have an appointment in one of our two offices with Dr. DeSalle for any preoperative and medical fitness testing before surgery.

This includes:

Call 317-455-1064 to schedule this appointment in Indianapolis or Bloomington.

Dr. Dan DeSalle

Daniel J. DeSalle, DO is a board-certified internal medicine physician who optimizes preoperative care for MCJR joint replacement candidates. Dr. DeSalle has spent most of his life in Bloomington, IN, where he still lives with his wife of 17 years and three children.

DeSalle attended Indiana University for college, then went to medical school at the A.T. Still University Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Missouri, then completed a residency in internal medicine at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Pennsylvania. DeSalle has been working in Bloomington and Mooresville hospitals for over 15 years, including the Franciscan IMPACT Center. DeSalle currently splits his time between MCJR and Monroe Hospital, primarily serving patients with cardiac and respiratory conditions as they prepare for joint replacement surgery.

In his spare time, DeSalle enjoys participating in competitive swimming and driving cars on racetracks.

Dr. DeSalle sees patients in both our Indianapolis and Bloomington offices.

Daniel DeSalle, DO

Your Journey to Recovery: Pre-Op Nutrition

Pre-Operative Nutrition

A healthy diet and proper nutrition before and after surgery can lead to better outcomes after a joint replacement. The surgeons at Midwest Center for Joint Replacement recommend using EMN, a supplement for orthopedic nutrition.

The ortho nutrition bundle contains clinical-grade protein and carbohydrate supplements designed specifically to support your surgical journey

How it works


ISOlution is a clinical-grade whey protein isolate designed to help maintain muscle.


ISOlution is a clinical-grade whey protein isolate designed to help maintain muscle.

Prepare better. Recover faster.

Protein supplementation with leucine preserves muscle

Specific amino acids are clinically proven to encourage wound healing and the recovery process

Consuming complex carbohydrates before surgery reduces the impacts of the stress of surgery

Order your 4-week nutrition bundle at or call 1-800-619-0783.

Use code MIDWEST

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