5 Tips to Relieve Joint Pain

Though the physicians at MCJR specialize primarily in joint replacement surgery, we always recommend you try these non-surgical remedies first to relieve your joint pain before considering a joint replacement. Many joint pain issues can be remedied or completely fixed by taking care of your joints with these tips:

1. Rest

The first thing you should do when you start to feel joint pain is rest! Allowing your body to rest after strenuous activity or after joint pain begins to arise will be extremely beneficial.

2. Exercise

We like to say “Motion is lotion!” This may seem contradictory to resting your joints. However, if your joint pain is caused by autoimmune conditions, such as arthritis, regular exercise can actually improve joint function. Low-impact exercises and strength training are great ways to strengthen the muscles around your knees and hips, which can protect your bones. Contact your primary care physician and get approval before you start your exercise program.

3. Maintain a healthy diet

A healthy diet is key to protecting your joints, not only because of the nutrients of healthy food but also because of the reduction or prevention of weight gain.

Maintaining a healthy weight is a big factor in how much strain your joints deal with every day. Additionally there are many foods that have been known to improve joint health, primarily those that keep inflammation at bay. Look for foods that fight inflammation and are high in antioxidants. Below are just a few of the foods and ingredients that keep inflammation down.

4. Physical Therapy / Massages

Seeking professional help to keep your joints healthy could be imperative. Your doctor may recommend physical therapy to help alleviate joint pain. Massages can also keep the muscles around your joints loose.

5. Hot or Cold Therapy

The use of heat or ice can help ease a variety of ailments. For joints, warm water can help keep joints loose and free of pressure. Ice, on the other hand, helps reduce swelling and can keep you moving when joint pain strikes. Use of both hot and cold can help keep your joints healthy and pain-free.

Many of the methods above have been proven to improve joint function or reduce joint pain. They are not, however, 100% effective. Joint replacement is a viable option for those whose symptoms were not remedied by the above treatments. If you or a relative has struggled with joint pain or limited joint function and normal treatments aren’t working, it may be time to call the specialist!

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