Giving Back

At Midwest Center for Joint Replacement, we are dedicated to serving others and giving our resources to those in need, both locally and globally. Our team enjoys giving back their time and talents to support organizations around the world.

Medical Missions: Team Hope in Motion

The MCJR team partners with the not-for-profit medical services organization Team Hope in Motion. Team HIM provides free surgical treatment for patients in Antigua, Guatemala. These patients suffer from debilitating bone and joint conditions, such as arthritis, and do not have access to medical care.

One week a year, our surgeon teams go to Guatemala and provide dozens of free joint replacements for those in need. Our teams view these trips as some of the most fulfilling weeks of their lives.

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Shore 2 Shore 2021: We swim so others can walk.

In July 2021, a group of 6 men, including orthopedic surgeons Dr. Keith Berend and Dr. Steven Herbst, swam across Lake Michigan to raise support for Team Hope in Motion.

Take a look at their 60-mile venture across Lake Michigan and their heart for Team Hope in Motion:

Supporting our Community

We are dedicated to promoting healthy living, community action, and medical research. We do this by sponsoring local events, community foundations, as well as charitable endeavors around Indiana and the United States.

Who We Sponsor

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Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement, or total knee arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure that replaces the damaged components of your knee with artificial implants.

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Partial Knee Replacement

During a partial knee replacement, your surgeon removes and replaces only the damaged compar­tments in your knee.

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Anterior Hip Replacement

During your hip replacement surgery, your surgeon replaces the damaged ends of your hip bones, both in the femur and pelvis.

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Outpatient Joint Replacement

Thanks to modern anesthesia techniques and a multimodal approach to pain control, we can perform hip and knee replacements in the outpatient setting.

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If you have arthritis, the highly skilled team of orthopedic surgeons at Midwest Center for Joint Replacement can help.

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Knee Pain

Our team treats numerous knee conditions through total and partial knee replacement surgery or nonsurgical treatments such as steroid injections.

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Hip Pain

If hip pain is disrupting your life, our board-certified team of orthopedic surgeons at Midwest Center for Joint Replacement can help.

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If you're experiencing joint pain that isn't improving with conservative treatment, steroid injections could help.

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