Outpatient Joint Replacement Surgery Effective for Hip and Knee Patients

In years past, people in need of a joint replacement expected to stay immobile in a hospital for a week or more after their surgery. Recovery would be arduous, leaving many people stationary and off work for several months. Today, it’s a different story. Here at MCJR, over 60% of our patients get to experience outpatient joint replacement surgery, which gets them home within 6+ hours from their surgery.

So how do we do it here at MCJR?

Innovative Techniques

The surgeons here at MCJR use advanced anesthesia techniques and a multi-model approach to pain control during and after surgery. Our modern instruments and less invasive techniques – such as the anterior approach to hip replacement – have made hip and knee replacement surgery easier to recover from. We give our patients detailed information on medications, recovery, and physical therapy that makes recovery straightforward and quicker than it used to be.


We perform most of our outpatient procedures at outpatient surgery centers specifically designed for orthopedic surgery. Our primary surgery center, Midwest Specialty Surgery Center, is conveniently located on the first floor of our Indianapolis office. Our secondary surgery center, Bloomington Advanced Surgery Center, is located right across the street from our Bloomington clinic. Because these surgery centers are specialized and separate from a hospital, they are incredibly efficient, clean, and not exposed to diseases.

Patient satisfaction of our outpatient procedures is extremely high: 98% of our patients rated their experience as “good” to “great.” We are confident that you receive the utmost care at Midwest Specialty Surgery Center and Bloomington Advanced Surgery Center.


Orthopedic surgeons used to recommend that patients NOT move their legs directly after surgery, but the recommendation is now the complete opposite. Our surgeons have found that keeping your leg still for days after surgery actually makes your recovery harder. It is better to move your joint frequently to prevent it from getting stiff over time. Because of this, we get you up and walking after you have woken up from your surgery. The nursing team will teach you to walk with a walker, and you even may have a brief physical therapy session.

Research has shown that people recover faster and more smoothly when they are in the comfort of their own home instead of in a hospital. Because of that, we want you home as soon as possible! Though we still order lots of rest and time off work, we encourage our patients to walk every day on their new joint and do physical therapy at home. Many people feel good enough to return to work at 6-8 weeks post-op, depending on their occupation.

Our MCJR team wouldn’t recommend outpatient joint replacement surgery unless we believed it really works. The vast majority of our outpatient patients recover quickly and without major complications. They regain the ability to walk up and down stairs, be active, and live without the nagging pain of arthritis. If you have further questions about outpatient surgery, please call our office to speak with a nurse.

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