Oxford Partial Knee Replacement Seminar

Dr. Berend and Dr. Lackey were invited to speak at the Zimmer Biomet seminar on the Oxford Partial Knee on June 2-3 in downtown Indianapolis. This course will feature talks by orthopedic surgeons from around the country about the 40-year history of the Oxford Partial Knee and the surgical techniques that use the implant. The course will also include live surgery and a hands-on workshop.

Zimmer Biomet hosts these courses across the country in order to offer training to all orthopedic surgeons, residents, physicians assistants, and nurse practitioners who are involved in orthopedic surgery practices. The desire is for surgical teams to understand the Oxford Partial Knee’s history and rationale, be able to identify patients who would benefit from thepartial knee, and know the best procedures for implantation.

To learn more about this seminar and Zimmer Biomet, or to register for the course, visit their website here!

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