MCJR Sponsors YMCA 5K Run/Walk

The MCJR team loves to get involved in the community outside of the office. One way we do this is through sponsorships of local events and teams. We are dedicated to giving our time and resources to help our local community and spread the word about our mission.

Latest Sponsorship: Aloha Run/Walk

On Saturday, June 2, our team helped sponsor the Arthur Baxter YMCA Aloha Run/Walk on Indy’s south side. Twenty-five of our team members and their families (and dogs!) showed up to participate and volunteer in the 5k event.

Check out some photos of the MCJR team at the event:

The MCJR team at the Arthur Baxter YMCA Aloha Run

Dr. Lackey and his family participated in the 5K

The MCJR booth — complete with bright green sweatbands and leis!

Dr. Lackey’s and Kurt’s dogs meet one another!

Kiley, PA, runs across the finish line with her family.

Need sponsors?

If you are hosting a local event or sports team and you think MCJR would be a great fit to sponsor you, let us know!

Contact us at 317-455-1064 to ask about sponsorship opportunities.

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