6 Myths about Joint Replacement

Avoiding a joint replacement? It can be a difficult decision to move forward with a big surgery like a joint replacement. We want to make the decision as clear and straigtforward as possible, and one of those ways is to debunk some of the most common myths we hear from our patients. So without further ado, here are 6 myths about joint replacement that we can gladly prove to be wrong.

MYTH #1: “A joint implant will only last me 10 years”

FACT: There are a few reasons why a joint replacement may need to be revised, but the implant wearing out is incredibly rare. We see patients back in the office 25+ years after their knee replacements and the implants have not worn out one bit! In general, there is over a 90% chance that your joint replacement will still be performing well 20 years after your surgery.

MYTH #2: “I shouldn’t consider having surgery until the pain is unbearable”

FACT: Because our implants last well over 20 years, people can consider having a joint replacement at a younger age. You shouldn’t suffer through debilitating pain if you don’t have to! Pain often makes people less mobile, which can increase weight gain and an unhealthy lifestyle. These factors often make the pain worse.

MYTH #3: “I’m too young/old for joint replacement”

FACT: There is not an age requirement for joint replacement surgery. Younger patients can now have joint replacements because of our advanced implant systems and the likelihood of the implant lasting 25+ years. Older patients, depending on their health, can also withstand a joint replacement. Some 90-year-old patients are in better health than some 60-year-olds, so every case is different.

MYTH #4: “I won’t be able to maintain an active lifestyle”

FACT: It’s actually the exact opposite! We want you to return to an active and pain-free lifestyle after surgery. You will likely be able to begin performing low-impact activities like cycling, swimming, and hiking just 4-6 weeks after surgery. High-impact sports are typically not recommended for total hip or total knee replacements, but every case varies. Talk to your surgeon about your options.

MYTH #5: “I’ll be in the hospital for a week” 

FACT: In years past, patients did have to stay in the hospital for a week, but because of our advanced anesthesia techniques and multi-model approach to pain control, no one has to stay in the hospital for more than 2 days today. Over 60% of our patients go home the same day of their surgery. We have found that most people recover better and faster when they are recovering in the comforts of their own home.

MYTH #6: “I’ll have to go to a rehab facility afterward”

FACT: A small percentage of our patients may prefer to recover in a rehabilitation facility, either because their health concerns may require more monitored care, or because they wouldn’t have sufficient help around their home. However, most patients will do their full recovery at home.

If you have further questions about any of these myths or need more clarification about any of them, call our office and ask to speak to a nurse. We would be happy to ease any nerves you have about getting a joint replacement. Our office is 317-455-1064.

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