What is a partial knee replacement?

When people hear “knee replacement,” they assume you’ve had to have your entire knee joint removed and replaced. But many patients today are opting for a less invasive and simpler procedure: the partial knee replacement. The surgeons at Midwest Center for Joint Replacement are national leaders in providing partial knee replacement, or “unicompartmental knee replacement” to hundreds of patients every year. Our surgeons share their expertise on the partial knee with other clinicians in abstracts, seminars, and conferences across the country each year. So what is a partial knee, and why might it be a good option for you? 

A diagram of a partial knee replacement

What is a partial knee replacement?

The knee joint is made up of 3 areas called “compartments.” If the cartilage damage in your knee has occurred on only one compartment of your knee, you may be a candidate for a partial knee. This means that most of your knee functions normally and your arthritis and pain are only coming from one knee compartment. Your surgeon can determine this through your x-rays and an examination. 

Partial knee surgery involves resurfacing one portion of the knee joint and using artificial components to replace damaged tissue. At Midwest Center for Joint Replacement, our surgeon teams use the latest invasive techniques and specialized instruments available.

What are the benefits of a partial knee?

Partial knee replacement has been in existence for several decades; it is not new or experimental. The longevity and success of the partial knee have been reported to be as good or even better than a total knee replacement. The intention is to do the least amount of surgery necessary to eliminate or reduce your pain without removing the healthy, functioning parts of your knee.

While a total knee replacement is a common and successful procedure, the partial knee allows for a faster recovery, fewer complications, and better function, satisfaction, and activity. Our surgeons simply try to provide more conservative treatments when possible.

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