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Outpatient Joint Replacement Specialists

Midwest Center for Joint Replacement

Hip and Knee Replacement Surgeons located in Indianapolis, IN & Bloomington, IN

Your hips and knees play a central role in your body’s mobility. Whether from general wear-and-tear or an underlying condition, hip and knee pain is common. When it’s severe, you may benefit from joint replacement surgery. Our experienced team of surgeons at Midwest Center for Joint Replacement is dedicated to providing compassionate and innovative care. One of the ways we do so is by offering outpatient joint replacement so patients can recover in the comfort of their own homes. To learn more about outpatient hip and knee replacement, call us to schedule a consultation at our offices in Indianapolis or Bloomington, Indiana.

Outpatient Joint Replacement Q & A

What is outpatient joint replacement surgery?

The team at Midwest Center for Joint Replacement uses modern anesthesia techniques and a multimodal approach to pain control to perform hip and knee replacements in the outpatient setting. 

This means you go home the same day as your procedure. Joint replacement procedures used to require up to a week in the hospital. With the advent of newer, less invasive techniques, our team ensures that patients will be home within 4-6 hours of their surgery. 

Am I a good candidate for outpatient joint replacement surgery?

Where you have surgery depends on your insurance and your overall health. Our team will determine if you’re a good candidate for outpatient hip or knee surgery based on your medical history and insurance benefits.

What are outpatient hip replacement procedures?

The team at Midwest Center for Joint Replacement offers two outpatient hip replacement procedures:

Traditional total hip replacement

During a traditional total hip replacement, your surgeon accesses your hip through the side or back of the hip, cutting through the muscles to get to the hip bones. 

Once at your hip, your surgeon removes the damaged parts of the bone, both in the femur and pelvis, and replaces them with a ball-and-socket prosthetic implant. 

Anterior total hip replacement

The anterior total hip replacement is a newer and less invasive approach to hip replacement. During the procedure, your surgeon enters the hip through the front instead of the back or side. 

This approach causes less pain and allows for a faster recovery because it:

  • Spares muscle

  • Lowers dislocation risk

  • Allows surgeons to use x-ray during surgery

Dr. Wesley Lackey and Dr. Joshua Carter perform the anterior total hip replacement.

What are the types of outpatient knee replacement procedures?

Midwest Center for Joint Replacement performs over half of all total knee replacement and partial knee replacement procedures in the outpatient environment.

Total knee replacement

During a total knee replacement, your surgeon removes all of the damaged cartilage and a portion of the damaged bone and replaces it with a prosthetic implant. 

Partial knee replacement

During this procedure, only the damaged portion of your knee is removed and replaced. The partial knee replacement procedure is less invasive than the total knee replacement and allows for a faster recovery. 

To schedule your outpatient joint replacement consultation, call the office today.