Patient Story: Meet Patrice

Patient Story: Meet Patrice

October 12, 2018

Meet Patrice Goodwin, one of our dear patients who is a month shy of her two-year anniversary from getting a left total knee replacement – and she’s back to waterskiing!

Patient Story Patrice Goodwin waterskiing

Patrice waterskiing on Labor Day, 2018.

“Because of my limping and concern of hurting my hips I requested an appointment for knee replacement and [my doctor] sent me to you,” she said.

Within a couple months of her initial appointment with Dr. Berend, Patrice had an outpatient left total knee replacement at our surgical facility downstairs, Midwest Specialty Surgery Center.

Patrice’s Recovery

Joint replacement recovery takes time. Our surgeons typically suggest that patients take up to three months off work to recover.

Patrice admits the recovery period was tough. But she took the recommended three months off work and tried to follow the regiment for recovery.

“I didn’t rush going back to work, which was good because I needed the time to do my therapy,” she said.

By month six, Patrice took a successful hiking trip in Moab, Utah.

Life after Joint Replacement

Since her surgery nearly two years ago, she has taken hiking trips in Arizona and Oregon to see Silver Falls, Mt. Hood, and Multnomah Falls. She’s back to water skiing, and she can kneel every Sunday without trouble.

“I am truly grateful for Dr. Berend’s amazing surgical skills and the entire MCJR team for your support and encouragement,” she said. “I am also grateful for the staff at ATI Physical Therapy in your facility who did a great job getting me back to health.”

If Patrice could do the whole thing over again, she says she wouldn’t have waited so long.

“My orthopedic doctor had recommended I wait until I turned 60, however at 54, I was limping terribly and prolonged my quality of life by two years.”

Regardless, Patrice is glad to have an improved quality of life today.

“I am thrilled and amazed…how much my knee is a non-issue in my life now,” she said.


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