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Your journey to recovery: Physical therapy


Physical therapy, both before and after a joint replacement, is essential to your recovery.
Following the instructions in these videos to understand the pre-operative and post-operative exercises will help you feel confident through every step of recovery.

Pre-Operative Exercises:
Hip and Knee Replacement 

We recommend you follow these therapy exercises before you have surgery. Learning these beforehand will help your recovery go more smoothly.


  1. You’ll feel more prepared going into surgery.
  2. You’ll gain strength and range-of-motion in the areas that need it the most.

Post-Operative Exercises:
Hip and Knee Replacement

Physical therapy after a joint replacement will help strengthen your joints and make you more flexible, therefore speeding up the recovery process. A successful outcome after surgery is highly dependent upon your dedication to these exercises, so maintaining consistency is key to regaining proper joint movement and strength.

After Hip Replacement

After Knee Replacement


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