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MCJR's Answers to Common Questions


Ask the Doctor

Having a joint replacement may seem daunting. So we want to help you feel worry-free and fully prepared as you make the decision to have a joint replacement surgery. Watch these FAQ videos to hear from our surgeons firsthand.

General Joint Replacement FAQs

Life After Joint Replacement FAQs


How long will my joint replacement last?

What’s the recovery time after a joint replacement?


Am I too young for a joint replacement?

How soon can I drive after a hip replacement?


What are the advantages of a partial knee replacement?

What restrictions will I have after a hip replacement?


If I have a partial knee replacement, then will I need a total someday?

What are the normal milestones after a hip replacement?


Why have a partial knee replacement instead of a total?

How long will it take for my knee to heal?


What is an anterior hip replacement?

How long will I be in the hospital?


What exactly do you do when you perform a hip replacement?

Will I have to go to a rehab center?


What have you done to lower infection in joint replacement?

What is the infection risk after knee replacement surgery?

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