What Causes Trigger Finger?

Trigger finger, otherwise known as stenosing tenosynovitis, occurs when a pulley in your finger becomes too thick, which makes it tough for the tendon to glide through. Typically, farmers, industrial workers, musicians, or even smokers can get this condition due to the repetitive movement or forceful use of the finger. This condition is more common in women than men and it most often happens between the ages of 40 and 60. Trigger finger can be more common in those who have medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout, or diabetes. There is no distinct cause as to why trigger finger occurs, but there are ways to treat it!

You may be wondering how to distinguish the difference between trigger finger and simply arthritic pain, so check out some of the symptoms:

If you are having similar symptoms to those previously stated, it might be in your best interest to schedule an appointment with some of our physicians here at MCJR. It is always best to diagnose your symptoms early on, so you will have a proper and accurate diagnosis as well as treatment.


Recovery generally depends on the severity of your condition. However, most patients recover within a few weeks post-op. It is important to consult with your physician when you notice these symptoms starting to occur. Trigger finger is a nuisance and prevents you from doing simple, everyday activities such as writing or playing your favorite musical instrument, so don’t let your symptoms go undiagnosed.

Schedule an appointment with one of our physicians to get back to the activities you enjoy.


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