Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

If the cartilage damage in your knee has occurred on only one compartment of your knee, a partial knee replacement procedure may be performed.  Partial knee replacement surgery involves resurfacing one portion of the knee joint and using artificial components to replace damaged tissue. At MCJR, your surgeon uses the latest invasive techniques and specialized instruments available.

If your surgeon has recommended a partial knee replacement, or “uni knee,” this is likely based upon the x-rays and examination. It appears that most of your knee is functioning normally and that your arthritis and pain is coming from only one of the three areas of the knee. With this in mind, a partial knee replacement is typically recommended.

Partial knee replacement has been in existence for several decades; it is not new or experimental. The longevity and success of partial knee replacement has been reported to be as good or even better than a total knee replacement. The concept with partial knee replacement is to do the least amount of surgery necessary to eliminate or reduce your pain, without throwing the baby out with the bath water.

This minimally invasive procedure allows for a faster recovery, less risk of complications, and provides better function, satisfaction, and activity than a total knee replacement. Total knee is a good and proven procedure, but when a smaller, less­ invasive, and more conservative surgery can provide the same or better outcome, the surgeons at MCJR favor this procedure.

If you would like to learn more about this procedure or would like to come in for an initial consultation, please call our office.

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