Painful Joint Replacement?

Have you had a joint replacement and it’s been nothing but painful? Is your joint replacement years old and you’re worried it’s worn out?

Just like hips and knees can “go bad” (arthritis) and require a joint replacement, hip and knee implants can “go bad” and need to be redone. The most common reasons for revision surgery include infection, fracture (broken bone) around the implant, and loosening of the implant. These things can happen soon after a joint replacement or after decades of good function. When we embark on a joint replacement with a patient we always warn the patient that, unfortunately, there is no such thing as a risk-free surgery.

At Midwest Center for Joint Replacement, our fellowship-trained joint replacement specialists perform revision surgeries all the time – from simple cases to the most complex of the complex. We are happy to meet with any patient who has a painful joint replacement that is performing poorly. We see patients in our office every week from all parts of the state of Indiana, as well as surrounding states.

If you have a painful joint replacement, your first consultation with us will involve:

> X-rays

> Discussion of the history of the joint

> A physical exam 

> Further testing, such as lab tests, imaging, and testing the fluid from within the joint

We will then discuss whether further surgery is needed. In some cases, more surgery is unlikely to make the problem/pain better.

At MCJR, we believe that prevention is key. Throughout our website, you can learn how MCJR is making joint replacement less painful through every step of the way, including preventing complications.

Misconceptions about the life of a joint replacement

A common misconception about joint replacement is that the implant will only last about 10-15 years. This is not the case. Of all the possible reasons that a joint replacement needs to be revised, the implant wearing out over time (like tread on a tire) is incredibly rare. We see patients back in the office 25+ years after their knee replacement and the implants have not worn out one bit! In general, there is >90% chance that your joint replacement will still be performing well 20 years after your surgery.

If you are concerned about your joint replacement pain, please call our office to schedule a consultation! Our office number is 317-455-1064.

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