Bunions Got You Bummed?

Bunions are bony spurs that occur on the first joint of your big toe. The bone becomes misaligned when the spur forms, and pushes the bones out of normal alignment. They usually cause a great deal of discomfort, especially when wearing shoes or moving around a lot.

Bunions may develop for a number of reasons, including arthritis, genetics, a life-long habit of wearing high-heeled or pointed-toed shoes, or simply from wearing shoes that are too tight and don’t fit properly. No matter what the cause, it is definitely something you want to take care of. What are some of your options?

Non-Operative Treatments

These may seem simple, but they do work for some people who have a less severe case.

*It should be known that none of these treatments will reduce the size or progression of the bunion

Operative Treatments

What to Expect

Almost all of our outpatient procedures are performed at Midwest Specialty Surgery Center, the surgery center right below our office! At your appointment, you can expect x-rays and a complete physical examination to assess the severity of your bunion and to determine the course of action needed. Don’t push off the pain, schedule an appointment so you can get back to your normal life.

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